WORST customer service I have ever dealt with in my life. ALL staff I have ever dealt with there are beyond rude. Would never ever sign with them again. Everything you ask them is so difficult and their staff sound… Read full review
They keep telling me the service is fine but it drops out every hour, tried multiple modems, this has been going on for over a month and had a technician come out already and say it's fixed
Tried to cancel… Read full review
I tried to connect to Iprimus nbn. Had issues because I wanted to open a new account and not use my grandparents account as they can't speak English and I was offered a free month for a new customer so… Read full review
I bought amaysim sim about 8 months ago. I am very happy with it. I get complete network almost everywhere. Internet is good and since I got the sim within a offer, it was a great value for money to… Read full review
My experience with Amaysim NBN has not been good.

I paid for the Premium package and within the first week (after one good day) lost all service for 20 hours - not slow, but nothing at all.

Wasted a great deal of… Read full review
I can’t even get a fast enough connection to run a speed test. Appalling. Certainly can’t use my cctv Read full review
I bought vodafone about two weeks ago and instantly regretted it. I needed a mobile network with lots of internet as well as free international calls. As a student I got a mouth watering offer from Vodafone. I immediately took… Read full review
Had a great experience installing Vodafone NBN inside a customers premises in Sydney. Vodafone customer service made sure the modem was synced up, and the customers NBN connection worked fine.

NBN was slow with another provider, however switching to Vodafone made… Read full review
I have been with Vodafone for a little over 3 years now. I have never had a bad experience because the customer service is always very helpful. They always make sure that I have the best deal possible because they… Read full review
Poor customer service from exetel. Went without internet connection for 28 days.. exetel said they would send a technician to my place to fix the issue and we booked a date and time which I took work off for and… Read full review
I live in an area where there are limited options due to the fibres installed by Telstra. Exetel is the only provider I was able to find that could offer an unlimited broadband plan.

Pros: My experience is that the… Read full review
Exetel is a full service no frills operator who offer a more budget technical support in order to maximise the value for money of your internet and phone bundle. I've personally been with Exetel since 2004 and have never had… Read full review
We have been with Internode for many years now. The customer service is the best I have ever experienced. You get to speak to a local support technician and they follow through everything with you until the problem is fixed,… Read full review
I have been using Internode for broadband and home phone line rental for the past four years and I honestly cannot fault them. Every time I call regarding an issue they answer the phone straight away, and if there is… Read full review
I'm not happy with Internode in Adelaide. I have been with Internode for more than 10 years at three addresses. When I first signed up with Internode they were the premium ISP with the best infrastructure, the best tech support… Read full review
After researching Aussie Broadband quite intensly i decided to switch put these guys to the test.

After having HFC 100/40 (Tier 5) NBN installed with the new Arris NBN Cable modem (Docsis 3.1) my connection was active in minutes after install.

They… Read full review
Australian Broadband Service is an unknown company. After shopping around for the best internet they had the best price for Unlimited NBN. They installed all NBN for free within the week. It's great calling up for assistance and speaking to… Read full review
Ive only had the service for a short amount of time and i love it. have had no problems with it so far, would recommend to family and friends. Read full review
I choosed this provider couple of month ago, in comparision with 2 more provider i had, i feel more value of my money and more reliable, tech support time to answer is less than a minute and reliability is perfect,… Read full review
Mynetfone are an unfortunate case of providers exploiting legislation that essentially let's them lock you into a contract without providing a service. I have very poor speeds most of the time and a lot of outages. Their response to this… Read full review