They are the biggest RIPOFF merchants in AUSTRALIA. After signing up to to long 3 year contract, which l thought was a great plan, by the end of it, the data was ridiculous low, I tried to upgrade, but to… Read full review
These guys are easy to deal with.
Phone is answered within 30 seconds.
Speak to friendly and professional product specialists to work out the most appropriate plan for your needs.
Support is available 24x7.
Ita great to be able to to speak to local… Read full review
Mynetfone are an unfortunate case of providers exploiting legislation that essentially let's them lock you into a contract without providing a service. I have very poor speeds most of the time and a lot of outages. Their response to this… Read full review
When moving into a new house we decided to get NBN through Barefoot Telecom. I rang to get organised and they said they would get someone out here anywhere between 25-35 days. We spoke about modems and what I need.… Read full review
The speed for the internet is depending on whereabouts you use it. If it is somewhere really high it can be slow but it is not that slow. I feel like virgin mobile takes up so much data. I rarely… Read full review
Very poor customer service. Broadband down from 3 days. No message from them. Phone always busy. No way to contact and cancel service. 9 to 5 phone support but nearly impossible to get through. Read full review
The service is very good because of calling rates but the customer service is very much poor.Differrent people give different solutions for the problem when called customer service.They didnt respond to mails too. Read full review
Hi, I just apply for nbn and use it for less than 1 months now. It took so long for them to come and activate. However, first day when I got our internet, the download speed was 90mbps and after… Read full review
I signed up for the 100mbps plan and the speed never got above 6mbps. I got changed to the 50mbps plan and still got charged for the 100mbps plan. Told them how terrible they were and they would not let… Read full review