Belong also known as a brand launched by Telstra in 2013 and has been running since then. Belong is one of the cheapest ISP which is significantly cheaper than it’s present (Telstra). However, it’s limited in offering with ADSL2 and NBN available only with the side inclusion of Belong Voice. Belong also offers budget month-to-month packages as well.
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Belong is the worst provider possible, I had my service “connected” on the 31st on August , 12 days later and my Internet has never worked I have been on the phone to belong’s sad joke of a support network 8 times, they have no clue what so ever, they finally after the 8th phone call booked me in for a technician from nbnco to come to my house to fix the problem which they never told me what was actually wrong.

They told me on the phone that they had to book me in for 2 time brackets over two days just Incase a technician wasn’t available, both days no one showed up and my service still doesn’t work... furthermore their “support” get you to troubleshoot the same problems over and over with no result, I was told time after time that they would get my network online, today I’ve run out of patience, if I could give belong 0 stars out of 5 I would, my experience with them is that they are a sad excuse for an internet service and provider.