Belong also known as a brand launched by Telstra in 2013 and has been running since then. Belong is one of the cheapest ISP which is significantly cheaper than it’s present (Telstra). However, it’s limited in offering with ADSL2 and NBN available only with the side inclusion of Belong Voice. Belong also offers budget month-to-month packages as well.
Overall Rating 4

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So-so. I experienced frequently (at least once a week) a technical "blip" in service from them where the internet would just "drop-off" for about 30 seconds, the then modem would take another 2-odd minutes to fully reconnect. Always happened in the middle of a client job.

Speed, Technical Support:

We were one of the last premises to be fitted with fibre to the house. We opted for the fastest speed (100mbps) with 1Tb download and with no other add-ons as I work from home and need a fast service; I also work with rather large files as well.

After about a week I was suspicious as it didn't seem that much faster than when we were on with ADSL2+. After performing multiple speed tests it was confirmed we were achieving about 1/4 the download speed than what we were paying for.

Calls to support only had them blame firstly my computer (claiming it because it was wifi to the modem - but actually no - it was connected via Ethernet cable), then blamed the modem itself (interesting as it was a Belong-supplied modem). No resolve here.

Value for money:

Rubbish. It's like we paid for first-class but got bumped to economy without a sorry or anything.


Give this a miss.