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So-so. I experienced frequently (at least once a week) a technical "blip" in service from them where the internet would just "drop-off" for about 30 seconds, the then modem would take another 2-odd minutes to fully reconnect. Always happened in the middle of a client job.

Speed, Technical Support:

We were one of the last premises to be fitted with fibre to the house. We opted for the fastest speed (100mbps) with 1Tb download and with no other add-ons as I work from home and need a fast service; I also work with rather large files as well.

After about a week I was suspicious as it didn't seem that much faster than when we were on with ADSL2+. After performing multiple speed tests it was confirmed we were achieving about 1/4 the download speed than what we were paying for.

Calls to support only had them blame firstly my computer (claiming it because it was wifi to the modem - but actually no - it was connected via Ethernet cable), then blamed the modem itself (interesting as it was a Belong-supplied modem). No resolve here.

Value for money:

Rubbish. It's like we paid for first-class but got bumped to economy without a sorry or anything.


Give this a miss.
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