Connection Type NBN Tier 2
Modem Type NBN Ready Modem
Speed Limit


Data Limit

10 GB

Choose this plan
Minimum total cost $252.90 for first month .
  • One-Month Contract
  • $99 Connection Fee
  • NBN Ready Modem $109 Upfront
  • $44.90 fee per month
  • $10 per month extra for unlimited call pack

Plan Description

After you have used up 10GB, excess data charges of $2 per GB will apply.

The conenction fee of $99 on the One-Month plan is lowered to $69 on a 12-month plan. There is no connection fee for a 24-month plan.

The modem costs of $109 upfront for the One-month plan is lowered to $50 for the 12-Month Plan and $0 for the 24-Month Plan.

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