• Service ADSL2+
  • Location Melbourne
  • Activation 1 days
  • 1.75
  • Speed Score
  • Reliability Score
  • Support Score
  • Value Score
I've been with Dodo since Aug/2016, and it really one of the worst experience I’ve ever been lived, when i bought my ADSL 2 line they told me that i will get a speed of 13Mbps, but unfortunately each time i test the speed i found it around 4Mbps. I contact the technical support so many times and each time they told me they could not determine what is causing the problem. And each time they offer me to cancel the contract as they can’t solve the problem.

For me as a network and systems engineer with 11 years’ experience I now good that ADSL service is a shared service and you will never get the speed that your ISP offer, but I always know that if the speed dropped less than 50% then defiantly there is technical problem. In my case and as I am dealing with reseller “not directly with the ISP” I believe that DODO technical team have limited access to their customer’s infrastructure and therefore when you call DODO technical support they always tell you that they need some time to contact the provider and check for problem.

I also believe that I got the better price that other ISPs and reseller cannot beat and this is why I am still living with this problem especially I looked the internet for other ISPs review and I did not find anything else better.
Another bad thing that start happening three weeks ago, is the drop out in the line. Every day I have two to three service drop out and each time last for 3-5 minutes and when I got the service back again I got it toooooooo slow (less than 1Mbps) and in this case I turn off the modem for 5 minutes and start it again to get my 4Mbps

After checking my own lines and modem I found that my problem is all about line congestion and when I told DODO about that they keep telling me that they contacted Telstra and checked the congestion and found that the number of users connecting to server in peak hours are within the normal usage and they keep my line under monitoring for a couple of days then they back and tell me again we can’t fix your problem and offer me to cancel the contract without paying the termination fees.

The conclusion is that I highly recommend to deal always with the Internet Service Provider directly; so, you will be able at least to get a convincing justification for your technical problems which help you more to get the proper solution.
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