Connection Type NBN Tier 5
Modem Type Bring Your Own Modem
Speed Limit

100 MBPS

Data Limit


Choose this plan
Minimum total cost $179.94 for first month .
  • No Lock-in contract
  • Month-to-Month contract
  • $79.95 activation fee
  • Bring your own modem ensuring that it works with particular type of NBN connection(FTTP, FTTB, FTTN)
  • Also ensure that your modem is VoIP compatible

Plan Description

On a 24-month contract, you get an iiNet modem for free with a $10 delivery charge. The activation charge is also $0 on the 24-month contract.

Local and national calls are untimed and charged 15 c per call. Standard Australian mobile calls are charged at 29 c per minute(per 30-second block). Calls to 1300 and 13 numbers are untimed and charged 30 c per minute.

For an extra $10, you get unlimited local and standard national calls. For an extra $20, you get unlimited local calls and standard national calls to Australian mobiles.

You can select iiNet TV with Fetch for $5 per month, with the purchase of a Fetch Mini set top box upfront for $99.


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