Connection Type NBN Tier 1
Modem Type Wireless Modem
Speed Limit


Data Limit


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Minimum total cost $1449.76 over 24 months .
  • 250 GB data
  • PAY as you Go calls on netphone(VoIP)
  • No lock-in contract option at $139.94 upfront
  • $139.94 includes activation fee of $79.95
  • $0 activation fee for 24-month contract
  • $1439.76 for 24-month contract
  • Customer service and support through all 24 hours

Plan Description

The NBN service can come in either of three modes. A direct-to-your-premises connection(FTTP), a direct-to-your-MDF connection (FTTB) or a direct-to-a-node on the street(FTTN). The condition of the copper line in the FTTB and the FTTN modes might have a bearing on speed. After you cross your 250 GB included data, speed will be lower but no extra charges apply. If you want a modem, the iiNet TG789 can be purchased for $89 and $10 delivery charge. The cost of the modem is waived on the 24-month contract.

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