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Appalling customer service, if they were my staff, they would be no longer in my employ.

On the 18th of August before moving home I booked in a relocation on the 28th October. We were asked to provide proof of sale which we did that included a copy of the contract of sale and a statement from our conveyancer confirming the settlement date.

On the 22 August I rang to confirm the relocation was to happen on the 28th which I was told yes, everything was in order.
Mid-afternoon on the 28th after not being connected I rang again and was told the transfer ‘should’ happen in the next 7 days. I stated it was not good enough as I had booked the change in well in advance, my voice annoyed yes, but not rude nor did I swear.

I was then put onto a supervisor who informed me the best they could do was have it installed in 7 days. When I asked is it 7 days because you are just booking it in now (again not rude) he hung up on me.

Interesting with iinet, everytime you speak with customer service you get an email asking how the service was, ironically with this call, no such email arrived.

Add to the woes it’s school holidays so kids have no internet whilst we are unpacking/ setting up new home.

If anything I state is false, I suggest iinet listen to call records and tell me where I am wrong!
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