• Service Cable
  • Location Melbourne
  • Activation 10+ days
  • 1
  • Speed Score
  • Reliability Score
  • Support Score
  • Value Score
They have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. It was a scam to begin with when the sales girl told us the customer service is all local in Australia when in fact it’s not. We got our router delivered, we followed the instructions on how to connect it, it didn’t work. So we got customer service on the line after being on hold for 45 mins, customer service agent Junaid somewhere in South Africa, who told us the reason it’s not working is because there isn’t an activation email sent and the email can not be sent because there’s only one person in the entire company who sends the email and that person is not available. A day passes by and we get no email so we call customer service again. This time, a different customer service guy takes me through an hour and a half of extensive trouble shooting whereby he concludes there’s something wrong with the router they’ve sent, so he says he will arrange for a technician to be sent over. A day passes by and no technician no follow up call, not even an email with a follow up on the progress of this issue. Instead, we get a bill of $168 for the internet service that we didn’t get! It’s not even been a week! We call back again to customer service and this time a lady says she wants the serial number on the back of the router that was sent to us in order to proceed with the technician who never showed up. She takes the details, and then no follow up, no technician, three days pass and there’s still no technician. So we call them back again, after being on hold for 50 minutes, the customer service agent tells us that the activation email has not been sent which is why we have no internet service. At no point was there any follow up emails to clarify that, there was no troubleshooting done to even conclude that it’s that bloody Magic email issue, just back to square one with the email. I never thought getting an internet connection could be this horrible in a first world country. I’ve lived in third world countries where they don’t even speak English and the internet connection is ace, the customer service is even better. Don’t bother with iiNet, their CEO gave up on them and sold them to TPG.
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