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I'd been using iinet for probably 15 years or more in total (starting from Satellite, to ADSL, then NBN), and I was always extremely happy with their service. The connections were reliable, and on the rare occasion that I needed their support, I was always speaking to somebody competent and willing to help. I happily recommended iinet to anybody who asked. However, over the past year or so, things seem to have changed drastically. Over the past few months, our NBN connection had had several dropouts. Sometimes only brief, but sometimes for hours or days, but the biggest change was in the quality of their support agents. In Feb 2019, we had an extended dropout. After waiting for a few hours, I eventually phoned tech support. They started by forcing me to go through the usual rigmarole of restarting the modem, factory reset, running tests, etc. After spending an hour or more on the phone, they said they would have to report the fault to NBN Co, and that it would be fixed within 24-48 hours. So, I waited. After 2 more days of no Internet, I sent an email. No response. I also tried their online form. No response. I eventually tried phoning again. I was once again forced to go through the troubleshooting rigmarole, and once again wasted more than an hour of my time. The agent eventually said the same thing. NBN fault report. 24-48 hours. So, I waited again. After a few more days of no connection (now about a week in total), I’d had enough. I decided to ditch iinet and move to Telstra. Then, to make this bad experience even worse, they said I would have to pay the cancellation fee. I said that I shouldn’t have to pay a fee, since it was them who had failed to provide a service for a week or more. But they insisted, and said that I hadn’t given them sufficient opportunity to rectify the problem before cancelling. They passed me from one person to another on the phone, wasting another couple of hours of my time, but in the end I got nowhere. They even acknowledged that the 2 different support agents that I had spoken to had neglected to log the faults with NBN, which is why the problem hadn't been fixed. But it didn’t matter, and they went ahead and charged the cancellation fee anyway. I really can’t believe how a once outstanding company has turned into such a poor quality, money-grabbing operation in such a short period of time. Such a shame. I will warn everybody away from iinet from now on, and I will also be filing a complaint with the appropriate government bodies.
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