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Hi. We have two properties both connected to the NBN. I decided on the Mates Yeah Mates NBN 50Mbps service for one of them as I wanted to give it a try and as there are no contracts, I thought $59.95 was worth a punt. How right I was! I still had to pay the initial $300.00 NBN connection fee - any ISP would charge the same - and it took a few days to connect up - I think 3 days in total. Once connected, I checked the speed using Ookla Speedtest and I was getting 46 - 48Mbps consistently with a latency of around 5ms throughout the day. In the evening, I've noted a slight dip to maybe around 42/18 Down & Up but still perfectly acceptable. The carrier is reported as iPrimus with Ookla Speedtest which is one of the ISP's not generally known for great NBN deals or service but through Mates, all seems to be going well. I've now connected our second property with the same 50/20 Yeah Mates service and I'm getting very similar speed levels. This time however, Ookla is reporting the carrier as Dodo. This connection was up and running in about 8 hours and so far, no drop-outs or nasties. I haven't had to contact customer support so can't advise how good or bad that is but I'm very happy with things so far. Here's a huge benefit for those who want to use a Smart DNS service for Netflix/Amazon etc. Mates offer a Static IP as standard. Yes, you read that correctly! $59.95 a month (going up to $69.95 per month after the first 6 months) Static IP as standard - generally saving $10 a month compared to other ISP's, month to month billing - What have you got to lose?
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