Optus is the 3rd largest telco in Australia and offers mobile, ADSL internet and cable TV (HFC) service. Optus mostly owns and operates it’s own network infrastructure whilst providing services into the NBN too. Other wholesale 4G Mobile and are the largest satellite wholesaler in Australia.
Overall Rating 5

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  • Service Cable
  • Location Others
  • Activation 10+ days
  • 8.25
  • Speed Score
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Reliable/consistent internet speeds. The fastest download speeds compared to 5+ other people I know. No problem streaming HD movies/TV shows on Netflix. Optus sport an added bonus but you have to pay extra for it unless you are already in a comprehensive/expensive plan with Optus, then it's free. If there are ever dropouts or if Optus is down for maintenance (which is rare and usually in the early hours of the morning) Optus lists all the affected areas and notifies how long until your internet will be back up again.