• Service ADSL2+
  • Location Perth
  • Activation 1 days
  • 2.5
  • Speed Score
  • Reliability Score
  • Support Score
  • Value Score
Optus would have to win the dud award for the worst service in the Internet world.

They make you sift through pages of help rubbish then try to call the service Dept for technical faults this option is hidden in the phone menu then you will wait up to 2 hours to speak to someone when someone answers. I can hardly understand and which country are these people from then the other option is to use the chat line which they actively promote rather than call them this I did and had to wait another 30-minutes only to give up in frustration, so now my internet runs at .80 download and the frustration of spending over three hours on the phone finally getting to speak to another foreign person who was so apologetic who said please hold and I will get someone to help after another hour I am still waiting someone please help.

This service is just totally unacceptable and an insult to the Australian people to have to put up with the rubbish. I have been with Optus for 12 years and this means NOTHING.

This Singapore company called itself a successful company but for who for Singapore or Indian or other countries who answer their phones. Well MR Optus you can take your service and offer it to another country who will accept your business practices of rubbish service and taking money from Australians to support your offshore interests.

And lastly how did the WA gov allow our Brand new stadium to be called the Optus stadium this is just not right to us western Australians it will be known as the Perth Stadium.

Just another dissatisfied OPTUS customer.

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