• Service Cable
  • Location Others
  • Activation 3 days
  • 6
  • Speed Score
  • Reliability Score
  • Support Score
  • Value Score
This is the first ttime we have been with a cable internet provider and we were assured before we joined that the speed and reliability would be three times better then the Broadband connection we had previously and would be better then the new NBN that was yet to be introduced into our area.

Well, I would say we have been grossly mislead, the service is spotty falling out of connection on a daily basis, the speed is definitely better than our prevention connection but that is not really any comfort when.There is no reliability.

Customer service with this company is also a joke, I have yet to speak to an Australian born English person, I have nothing against people with accents working in call centres I just believe that you should get a mix of people answering phones and that is not the case here.

Overall not the best service or reliability but the price is fair.
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