Connection Type ADSL2+
Modem Type Telstra T42G IP Phone + wireless router
Speed Limit


Data Limit


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Minimum total cost $3120 over 24 months .
  • 24-month plan
  • Speeds of up to 20/1 Mbps
  • Comes with IP Handset and business gateway
  • Hardware Upfront charge of $720 (or) $30 x 24 months
  • Free on-account calls and data between devices in Australia

Plan Description

Local calls and standard national calls are included in the plan. A SIM with 500 MB of shared data is included in the plan. Nine separate lines can be connected on this ADSL2+ DOT Core plan. However, making and receiving calls can be simulataneously done only on three lines. Each phone line has to have a separate plan.

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