Connection Type NBN Tier 3
Modem Type Telstra T42 IP Phone + wireless router
Speed Limit


Data Limit


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Minimum total cost $5280 over 24 months .
  • Up to 25/5 Mbps speeds
  • Minimum 24-month plan
  • You can change plan size each month
  • Call free around Australia to DOT-account eligible services
  • Share data with DOT-account eligible services
  • Software for remote working
  • Backup service connectivity to Telstra Mobile Network

Plan Description

The XL Core plan comes with calls to landlines and mobiles in selected countries. You also get a hosted new domain name. You can add additional IP voice lines, mobiles, fax lines, EFTPOS lines, alarm line plans and have them all on one bill. If there is a power failure, the service cannot be used, including emergency calls. You can connect and use up to ten separate lines, but need a separate plan for each phone line.

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