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I own a takeaway business that relies HEAVILY on our phone. We have had the NBN service for over a year now. It's the biggest piece of crap that I have EVER been forced to pay for! It continually goes down, several times a week, I have spoke with technicians numerous times only to be told stupid things like did you reset the modem? Of course I did! Including the 10 other times I had to before ringing you and being stuck on the phone for hours! I am not at work all the time, so when I do have time to call, I am at home and then Im told I need to be at the site. If I am at work, I AM WORKING and dont have time to be on the phone for hours! Send a technician to fix the problem and stop wasting my time on the phone with someone who barely speaks english and reads off a chart on what to do. I have been through this process 50 times, I know its not going to work! Some calls get diverted to my cell phone, others dont, its hit and miss whether or not someone gets through. I hate to think of how much business I have lost due to people not being able to get through. I am not always at work either so if someone does get through to my cell, Im not able to help much as I am not on site. Its ridiculous that such a large company can conduct business in such a manner.
Bottom line, I will never ever recommend anyone to use Telstra NBN service! One day they will wake up to themselves when they realize how much business they have lost.
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