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The absolute worst service I have every received. I severely apologize for the length but there is no other way to explain the gravity of incompetence.

I spoke to an online operator asking to sign up, this was on the 6th of May speaking to a Frederick. I specified the request for the 6th of June as my service with the previous ISP would still be valid until then, I was happy with changing over my phone carrier to them at this time which was carried out.

All seemed to be okay, however i received two routers. The on the 8th of may, then emails asking me to log into my service. I called Telstra that evening (8th of may), they were unaware of the request for the service commencing on the 6th of June. I kept the transcript of the request. I simply asked for them to do as I had requested, as they agreed to do.
On the 17th on May they sent me a bill for that month of May, the one in which i requested to not have the service connected. Upon seeing this email I immediately emailed requesting a complete termination of all services including the mobile plan (email chain stamped at 7:53 pm 17th may). The following day 18th, i received a phone call from a telstra working about my request for termination, this seemed to be resolved. They had told me that they would cancel the service. Knowing how bad everything had gone so far I preceded to call them on the Wednesday May 22 with reference number INT 1-204###6790923. Again they told me that they would cancel the service as this had not been followed through.
The following day, I recieved a message on my phone who I believed had been resolved as I had requested to cancel all services on the 17th, the message read "telstra has ported your number" etc. As I did not have a telstra sim card due to having requested cancellation I had no way of getting in communication with them, fortunately i used my partners phone. During the call i requested for them to find out why this had happened and why my service had not been cancelled, I asked whether they had any record of this. They claimed they did not. The reference for this was SR 1-2038134###284
This email also states that they claim to fix things by waiving all charges for my mobile service. Due to having no phone I could not contact work, this affected many aspects of my life.
On top of the fact I had to spend the night conversing with the previous phone server provider and telstra to get my number back. This took three days 25th of may. I emailed all relevant people, (Telstra stakeholders)
On the 24th of May I receive an email from "Renzjhon “Renzy” Lacsamana" claiming that she had tried to get into contact with me, I reiterated in the email that she could not have seen my complaints as she would have known that she could not get into contact with me as they had taken my phone number after telling me they had cancelled the account.
On the 31st of may I received a call and email from "Renzjhon “Renzy” Lacsamana" In the email I requested she put in my exact issues and requests as I am sure you understand by now. She did not and
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