Connection Type NBN Tier 1
Modem Type WiFi Modem
Speed Limit


Data Limit

50 GB Peak + 50 GB Off-Peak(2:30 AM to 8:30AM)

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Minimum total cost $179.94 for first month .
  • Download Speed of 12 Mbps/Upload speed of 1 Mbps
  • Fiber-To-The-Node (FTTN) brings Fiber to the Network boundary point of your premises
  • WiFi Modem Router($10 delivery charge)
  • No Lock-in
  • Month-by-Month contract
  • Uploads and downloads count towards 100GB limit
  • After you have used up 100 GB, speed will be lowered to 128 Kbps/128 Kbps
  • Setup fee of $99.95($0 on 18-month contract)
  • $20 prepayment charge for digital voice service
  • Unlimited local calls(excluding 13/1300 calls)
  • Unlimited standard national calls to landlines

Plan Description

Once you acquire a TPG NBN FTTN service, you cannot go back to the TPG ADSL services. Another restriction is you cannot cancle either one of the data or voice services with cancelaltion of any one leading to cancellation of both.

The digital voice services are unlimited for local calls(excluding 13/1300 calls) and are also unlimited for National calls to landlines. Calls to standard Australian mobiles cost 39 cents per minute and also have the call connection charge of 39 cents.

The minimum upfront charge includes $49.99 fee for the first month, digital voice prepayment outside the included value of $20, setup charge and equipment delivery fee.

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