• Service ADSL2+
  • Location Sydney
  • Activation 10+ days
  • 9
  • Speed Score
  • Reliability Score
  • Support Score
  • Value Score
Although I have heard nightmare stories with TPG, I signed up with them early this year as they provided options that were suitable for my usage requirements as well as value for money. Prior to this, I did not have an Internet connection at home and mainly used my mobile data however Vodafone was proving to be unreliable and costly.

The process was relatively straightforward as I signed up for an account via the TPG website and immediately received a detailed email that outlined the service delivery steps and the associated timeframes. To my surprise, the turnaround time was less than 10 days. However the package received in the mail consisted simply of the modem with little to no instructions, so it took quite some time to work out how to set up and configure. I tried contacting TPG for assistance on numerous occasions, however was placed on hold and became frustrated when I realised the waiting game appeared to be indefinite. I gave up and called an electrician instead who successfully resolved the issue for me.

As I live in a unit, I was a tad anxious about having to request additional cabling work however thankfully all worked once the modem was connected. Logging into my account on their website is very user friendly and I was able to navigate with no issues. Further to my surprise, TPG seem to be much more responsive to online queries rather than a phone call. Although my plan is unlimited, I requested for a log of activity to assess if I could potentially change to a cheaper plan with less data. Within a business day, I received a response from TPG with the requested information, which I was quite pleased with.

The Internet speed has been great. My flat mate and I stream movies on a daily basis and although we have encountered the occasional buffering lag, the Internet speed has generally been very reliable and quick. This also applies to high definition movies so I cannot fault them on the connection reliability and speed. I can definitely picture myself being a long term loyal customer of TPG as long as minimal customer service is required from them.

I would highly recommend TPG as an Internet service provider to family and friends, however I would also caution that customer service is much better via online queries than phone calls to the TPG helpline.
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