• Service ADSL2
  • Location Melbourne
  • Activation 10+ days
  • 4
  • Speed Score
  • Reliability Score
  • Support Score
  • Value Score
DO NOT USE TPG! They're PATHETIC.. If you want to hear how bad TPG is, read on!

Was with TPG for one year, set up our account early Nov. TPG took over 3 wks to send the router and me about 4 days to pick it up. from the PO. Service was fine till the first bill only to find we had been billed for 1 mth internet from initial setup Which was when they hadn't even sent us the router which is ESSENTIAL for actually using the internet.
The issue could've been easily resolved with a $60 refund.
I called TPG -which has, THE most inefficient customer service system in place I've ever seen, and I think it's intentional.

1st Call: Simple enough, had me believing it'd be resolved. I calledup, explain the situation to the rep, they pulled up my information and we went over the details.

2nd Call: after several weeks when still nothing had come of it. I called again, explained the situation to a new rep, they pulled up the information, we went over the details. I was told this time that they couldn't do anything until they pulled up recordings of our initial conversations with TPG during account setup and confirmed the dates when the router was actually sent out and received. I was told to expect a call back by end of business the next day.

I'm sure nobody is surprised it never came.

I gave TPG a week to call back.
3rd Call: the same. yet another rep, explain everything yet AGAIN. They pulled up my details, I'm frustrated and annoyed but I keep it civil but am more assertive and insistent because I did NOT have any intention of them convincing me to hang up again just for them to do nothing so that I'd have to call up and explain the same shit again.
I got handed on to the manager because the peon didn't know how to deflect my reasonable arguments. The manager said the same thing the last rep had told me, except apparently the request for the recordings hadn't even been SENT. Not even the REQUEST. I was once again told (by the manager) that I'd receive a call back regarding them by end of business the next day and was appeased enough by his words that I consented to hang up and wait until the next day.

Lesson Learned: Never Trust A Smooth Talker.

4th Call: explained the same shit. This time I asked the name of the representative to whom I was speaking. It was Marion or something.
I explained everything that the manager had said to me 2 days prior regarding the recordings and how I had YET AGAIN not received a call back. She had me believing they'd heard the recordings "forgotten" to return my call
I was to expect a confirmation text from her regarding whether I'm eligible for a refund or not by end of business the next day.
Surprise! I got the text. Nothing else though.

5th Call: roughly 10am. New rep. I demanded to speak to Marion. was told shes busy but will call me back by 3pm.

6th Call: it's after 4pm. Demanded Marion. Am apologised to, told her manager will arrange a refund for me within the week.

7th Call: several weeks later. Demand manager. Am told refund is on its way.

They can keep my fucking $60. What a pathetic company.
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