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Virgin Mobile Australia (also known as VMA) is a telecommunication company that was founded in 2000 by Richard Branson and in 2016 it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Optus, but continues to maintain it’s own brand identity, customer service, management and structure and is based in Sydney. Virgin Mobile offers both Postpaid and Prepaid plans month to month basis at affordable value for the customers.
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The speed for the internet is depending on whereabouts you use it. If it is somewhere really high it can be slow but it is not that slow. I feel like virgin mobile takes up so much data. I rarely turn on my data whenever im outside. I probably just turn it on like 2/3 times per day for like 10 minutes but then after 15 days it says i already used half of my 2GB data. Virgin Mobile is the cheapest out of vodafone, optus and telstra. I got my 32GB iPhone 7 + 2GB data + 100mins international call for just $72 per month. Virgin mobile staffs are very very friendly. I called the costumer service because i needed help with activating my sim card and the lady that activated the sim for me was very kind.