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I have just successfully installed and running the vividwireless 4g internet, and I'm surprised to say the connection is faster than my old adsl2+ from TPG on the same location. I live about 600+meters away from the 4g tower at my local area and about 2km from the adsl2+ exchange.
On my adsl2+ I usually get a 6-8mbps download rate, while the vividwireless gives me a 10mbps.

Use this referral link and upon setting up the modem there will have a referral code section and if you enter 104398 you can get 1months free, works with any plan, unlimited plan, month to month, 24month contract.

code to receive free modem delivery instead of paying $10, expiring soon though.
expires 28-02-2017

TIP: sign up for the 24month contract and receive modem free, the contract early cancellation fee is never more expensive than the cost of the modem. so if you use 24months term you end up with a free modem, but if you used 1year which is 50%, then you only have to pay $100 dollar of the $200cost of modem for the cancellation.

PROS: Stable connection and fast speed
Best available for those that cannot get lined service to their home. I had to get this because local adsl ports are full.

CONS: More expensive compared to NBN/ADSL2
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