One of the worst internet providers out there. Horrible customer service and unrealiable internet speed. Completely waste of money would not recommend for any new user. You're better off with dodo or some shit Read full review
TPG have got to be the worst internet provider in Australia, and i taught Egypt and West Africa had slow service!! TPG are leaders of the pack when it comes to frustratingly slow service. When we first signed up (12… Read full review
If your internet goes down expect nothing from TPG they cannot supply something for the interim. They will not help you. They will not give you any resons or answers. Do not give this fraud of a company a cent… Read full review
I have a bundle with iiNet, including mobile, landline and internet. I just went through an ordeal with them over the past 7 weeks. I had to call them 7 or 8 times as they don’t initiate any calls from… Read full review
Been with IINET since Ozemail days, over 12 years. highly rated them up till a couple of years back. Now they are the worst company i have ever had to deal with. Zero customer support, drop outs all the time,… Read full review
Literally worthless. Every tech support person says something different and all are liars. No internet for a week now and after five calls I have literally no clue what is happening or if I'll ever have internet again Read full review
After 9 weeks the 3rd technician is visiting my house to check my internet connection. After dropping speeds to under 2mb and about 15 calls in the last 9 weeks tonight my internet shows speeds of 7 mb again. Tomorrow… Read full review
We paid $800 in 4 weeks..
How is that possible Telstra.
With a mobile fone..
Wifi slow as eff..why?charge us $ Read full review
I own a takeaway business that relies HEAVILY on our phone. We have had the NBN service for over a year now. It's the biggest piece of crap that I have EVER been forced to pay for! It continually goes… Read full review
I am very happy with my service with Optus. I have my home internet connection with Optus, and have had this for many years. Along with my mobile phone plan. In times where I have called Optus I have always… Read full review
I have been with Optus for a long time with a bundled mobile and broadband package, which I think is great value for money. When I called about NBN a year or so ago, it wasn't available but they ended… Read full review
when we were connected on cable the internet wasn't the best but it was enough. then they wanted to connect us onto nbn and they were saying that the net is going to be a lot faster, now that we… Read full review
I am really embarrassed to have falling for such an oblivious scam, if I had asked a few questions they would of said that they can't supply me with ADSL but I didn't and they don't have to tell me… Read full review
Our internet were sometimes slow and sometimes fast. Before we only have ADSL2 at our other house and it's so super slow even though we have restarted it. Now we have NBN in a different suburb and It has improved… Read full review
I paid my account and then was told it will take them 48hrs to reactivate it! Like what the actual fuck?! Read full review
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Hell? Wonder no more, Belong has you covered.

I could not imagine such a pathetic organisation could be allowed to function in Australia.

1. Customer service (like customer executives that… Read full review
Worst company I have ever dealt with. Internet service hasn't worked properly from day 1 and the customer service is just as bad.
After 15 phone calls complaining about my service I have got no where. A technician has been to… Read full review
My experience with Belong was absolutely terrible. I had speed and coverage issues from day one, as well as issues with the plan I had signed up to. The plan that I signed up to over the phone with Belong… Read full review
The new place i moved in, there was no option for ADSL2+ connection, spent lot of time contacting many different service provider but no one could help. Got to know about VIVID WIRELESS through reference & it resolved all the… Read full review
At our current address we are extremely limited in terms of internet access. We cannot access cable or ADSL (from any provider) therefore our only option was 4G mobile broadband. The only service provider offering an unlimited mobile broadband service… Read full review
Vividwireless was a saviour. I was unable to secure an ADSL or ADSL2 port 12 months ago, researched options and found this great company. Pretty simple path to purchase - buy modem from Harvey Norman, take it home, set up… Read full review
Poor customer service from exetel. Went without internet connection for 28 days.. exetel said they would send a technician to my place to fix the issue and we booked a date and time which I took work off for and… Read full review
I live in an area where there are limited options due to the fibres installed by Telstra. Exetel is the only provider I was able to find that could offer an unlimited broadband plan.

Pros: My experience is that the… Read full review
Exetel is a full service no frills operator who offer a more budget technical support in order to maximise the value for money of your internet and phone bundle. I've personally been with Exetel since 2004 and have never had… Read full review