Rude teller with no knowledge.
They don't know their job and also don't know how to interface with customers.
Also, If you want to join to the TPG be aware that they never refund your deposit in any excuse. (You can raise… Read full review
Absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced.
I have never been able to get the assistance I need any earlier than 72 hours later.
Now that I have signed up to the NBN with one of their competitors, I can't… Read full review
Very unstable and slow speed internet. The plan purchased suppose to deliver around 40 Mps speed; however, that was never the case. for both downloading and uploading speed are below 20 Mps most of the time; and can go as… Read full review
Has to be one of the worst expereinces of my life DO NOT go down the drama path I have been on. Since February IINET can't manage the switch to NBN, people come out, nothing happens, it's disgusting. I hate… Read full review
Iinet - I have no words for you. I don’t know what is happening to your organisation but your organisation is letting customers who have been with Transact/Iinet over 15years. Your billing, sales and installation teams are not talking to… Read full review
Hi There I would just like to stress how disappointed I am for the service that I have been provided since moving properties in June. I previously had a contract in Geelong , which suited our needs. When we relocated… Read full review
The very worst of Internet providers. Customer support is rude and unhelpful. There is no way of contacting Belong if you lose your internet because Belong are only contactable via the internet. How stupid is lose your internet connection… Read full review
Horrible service, will not return your call at agreed upon time, I have waited a week to have my service reinstated and I am sure I will be waiting much longer even tho I was promised that the service would… Read full review
My service went down 4 days ago now. I called the service centre only to be told all service centres are closed due to the I emailed them and got a call back and was on the phone for… Read full review
Despite this huge outbreak they stood with me, gave me 500$ off while i was on hardship and still giving me continuos support via phone or internet and bills. Whatever other reviews might say, i would rate this australian telecommunications… Read full review
Connecting with Telstra NBN is a total nightmare and their service is absolutely disgraceful! If I could rate -100, I would.
I have called over 10 times over a period of 5 months trying to connect but new problems arises every… Read full review
If you are considering going with Telstra, do yourself a big favour and dont. I have put 3 complaints in this week and guess what the outcome has been? Nothing!

We put in an order for Telstra ADSL (due to… Read full review
Told i would have service in my area
Told i would not be charged if it didn't work
Told it was easy to terminate if not working
Worst most useless customer service ever
Poor communication
Lack of care
Worst buisness award 2020… Read full review
Customer service is bloody appalling.

Multiple promises of callbacks to fix things and no call comes. Their customer service staff just decide they can't be bothered to follow up a problem and the customer is left in the dark with… Read full review
I bought Optus Home Wireless Broadband on 07th Jan. It gives speeds of 0.5 - 1Mbps at my home. Optus have tried everything till 09th Jan and since then they just want me to wait for a callback for which… Read full review
If I could give ratings of zero or less, I would. Dodo is literally the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of erroneously signing up with. They’re NBN is fraught with issues. For the past 4 months I’ve… Read full review
The worst support I ever had. More than 1 hour waiting on the cell phone also in the livechat, more 2 weeks waiting for fix my internet! Read full review
I received a promotion email from dodo while I was with another NBN company. I was convinced that the $10 discount was worth the switch. After the usual set-up, filling online forms, receiving the activation notice and received the free… Read full review
I joined vivid about 6 months ago, because there were no NBN in our area. The setup process was quite simple for us. I bought a modem from The Optus store outright. The process to set it up took less… Read full review
I have been using it for more than 6 months now. Never had a problem. My family and I take it everywhere we go, and the download speed is amazing as Optus pretty much covers anywhere within Australia. The customer… Read full review
I joined vivid about 3 months ago, because there were no NBN in our area. The setup process was quite simple for us. I bought a modem from The Optus store outright. The process to set it up took less… Read full review
Been with them for 5 years. Easiest support with Australian call centre and pick up the phone very quickly. Lots of tech support over the phone. No risk, they are month to month. Go for it. Aussie call centre. Read full review
Dont forget long term customers

Refer a mate to mate and it is our commitment that we will

1. Not give your $50 we have stayed we would for referring a friend
2. Will give you woeful customer service with… Read full review
low rating of 2 for reliability because the dropouts are random at same time every night
Disgraceful customer service. If these guys knew one ounce about quality service it would be a modern day miracle
compulsive liars when you ring up… Read full review