Don't mind the internet speeds but customer service is appalling. There's been an NBN outage in my area for almost a week. I was promised updates to restoration and have received no call or email. Nbn came back on last… Read full review
Good isp and provider and would recommend for many home with nbn.....?................................ Read full review
Don't Do It - Research a different company. TPG's customer service is awful, initial connection takes forever (which they don't tell you about, mind you you still pay for this unconnected time). They don't care about you or their service… Read full review
I have been in an ongoing saga with iiNet for 4 months now trying to get a refund for an NBN pre-order that they did not deliver on the time frame allocated when I signed up. I'd be typing for… Read full review
I recently requested re location service from iinet and order was dragged almost one month. During this period they never update with the status. I had to call every week and all the time I had to explain whole story… Read full review
Terrible service, constant issues with internet dropping out or not getting speed that was promised. I have spent 8hrs on the phone over a four week period to fix my internet which they took a week to fix and then… Read full review
Avoid them if possible. After two months still didn't connected to NBN service. Finally change provider and they organise installation tech within 2 days.
Poor customer service, all of them i will follow it up for you seems like they finish… Read full review
Frequent dropouts, slow and poor support
Constant dropouts, adsl2+ but getting dialup at best. tech support is overseas call center where staff try but clearly butter you up with call scripts and worry about your call rating at end more than… Read full review
We called up Belong to know about the services and procedure for new home move-in and get connected thereon Thursday. As the team member was unable to confirm the date of connection, we did not agree to go ahead, surprisingly… Read full review
I have Telstra NBN, and things worked OK till one evening at home I found I had no Internet. I phoned them and was told the 'provisioning' (whatever that is) had not been done. They said it would be done… Read full review
I have an ADSL 2+ issue and Telstra technician Sam Pang has done a great job to resolve the problem in speeding manner. We were so happy and satisfied with the outcome. Read full review
I am absolutely disappointed with Telstra. I ordered a moving house package, and confirmed with telstra several times over the last two weeks, including this morning, regarding the appointment. A technician was supposed to come to my new house between… Read full review
I have been without broadband now for almost 4 months. Optus decided on Jan 7 that they should cancel my service after my ex decided to annoy me by requesting the service be cancelled or transferred. She was not living… Read full review
Optus are nothing but a bunch of muppets!! Never again wouldn’t recommend to ANYONE! Our internet drops out 5 times a week and when it is working is extreamly slow! So we called to try and fix the issue we… Read full review
we were with optus for just on 12 months once nbn was connected we decided to move to TPG as it was cheaper the problems started when we called to disconnect firstly because the account was in my husbands name… Read full review
Was always with Dodo even before changing to NBN. Told them i wanted to port my old number to the new line. And of course they didn't do that, and they cancelled the old service before they could port the… Read full review
if you have age parents , dont let them have anything to do with this company , you typical money grabing scammers ,totaly discusted with there ethics and it will only be a matter of time someone dies from not… Read full review
No Service Provided. I had someone call me from Dodo offering all kinds of goodies to have me transfer to NBN. None did i receive. I told them i was oversea and just wait until I get back. When arriving… Read full review
I joined vivid about 6 months ago, because there were no NBN in our area. The setup process was quite simple for us. I bought a modem from The Optus store outright. The process to set it up took less… Read full review
I have been using it for more than 6 months now. Never had a problem. My family and I take it everywhere we go, and the download speed is amazing as Optus pretty much covers anywhere within Australia. The customer… Read full review
I joined vivid about 3 months ago, because there were no NBN in our area. The setup process was quite simple for us. I bought a modem from The Optus store outright. The process to set it up took less… Read full review
Terrible support no internet for 5 days technician never turned up after waiting all day and then they tell me I wasn’t home complete joke. Now I am expected to take another day off work when they see fit to… Read full review
Since NBN was installed my internet has stopped working. The NBN network and router works perfectly and the technician has been very helpful, on the other hand my router connected to Mate stopped working from installation time. It’s now been… Read full review

Worst company ever. Take money for no sevice. I signed up for 100mbs nbn at $100/month yet have been charged $200 in my first month. I have received internet for 4-5 days… Read full review