Amaysim is an Australian Telco provider and operate as Mobile Virtual Network Operator on the Optus 4G networks with offering a range of mobile and broadband deals with no lock-in contracts. Amaysim were recognized with Mobile Phone Service Provider of the Year with Most Satisfied Customers in Australia for 2 consecutive years by Roy Morgan (2013) and Canstar Blue (2014).
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My experience with Amaysim NBN has not been good.

I paid for the Premium package and within the first week (after one good day) lost all service for 20 hours - not slow, but nothing at all.

Wasted a great deal of time trying to resolve the issue, and in the end all I could do was wait (and wait).

Same thing happened the following week - another day without any service at all - no explanations, simply told to wait.

This has happened intermittently in the months since, with speeds all over the place when the service is actually working.

But the worst was to come: I had a month to month contract and was moving residence, so I asked them to not renew the next billing cycle.

Instead, they immediately cancelled the service (I work a great deal from home)!!!

When I eventually got through to them (not easy without internet) they apologized and offered to pay back the money that I had pre-paid on the contract for the unused days - seriously, they thought that was generous .

They absolutely refused to re-connect the service for the remaining paid period.

Do not use this company - they are shocking to deal with.