• Service ADSL2+
  • Location Sydney
  • Activation 10+ days
  • 1
  • Speed Score
  • Reliability Score
  • Support Score
  • Value Score
I signed up to Belong in the belief that, being part of Telstra, they would offer a superior service and quality to other ADSL providers. I was very mistaken, and the following issues are a chronological sequence of all the missteps that the company has trodden:

1) Set up date was for 22/12/17. We were advised by the sign up agent that we would receive the modem a few days prior to this date. It did not arrive until a week later.

2) We were not advised at any point during the set up process that we required proof of occupancy at the new address that we moved into. Once we checked online, and called Belong, we provided the requisite documents on the same day. Documents were not processed for another 3 days.

3) After docs were processed, we were told to wait a further 10 days for the connection process. We called again to enquire why this would wake so long and if there was anything that could be done to expedite the process. Customer Service Rep (CSR) was not responsive, and said all we could do was wait.

4) Called again 5 days later to check on status. CSR was, on this occasion, much more helpful and indicated that all we needed to do was contact the previous tenant of the property to disconnect the line. As it was the disconnection process, not the connection process, that resulted in the delay. Same question posed to the CSR, yet 2 different responses.

5) After the previous tenant was contacted and disconnected their line, the Belong service should have been activated. This was indicated on our account status on the Belong website. However, we did not receive any SMS as we expected after 2 further days of waiting.

6) Called Belong, told by the CSR that the status was still showing as "open" on Belong's end, and that status had now changed and we would have to wait a further 2 days. Had we not called, I do believe we would not have received any update from belong, as was apparent throughout the whole process.

7) After 2 days, we received the SMS saying service is active. Tested the ADSL connection as per instructions. It did not work. Called Belong, told that this is "usually the case with new connections and happens all the time". Advised that we will receive an SMS within 48 hours. If this is an expected issue with new connections, why is it not addressed?!?!

It has now been 3 weeks and we still have no internet connection.

Throughout this whole process, it is clear to us Belong:

a) Has no interest in their customers once they are signed up and enrolled into a contract
b) Does not take any proactive measures to resolve issues - a sign of incompetence
c) Employs CSRs that give mixed responses, or do not have the answers, and that the CSRs are not empowered to do anything for customers, apart from pushing items down the queue.

Unfortunately, judging by public reviews, it looks like we are not the only customers to have a bad experience.
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