• Service ADSL2
  • Location Others
  • Activation 10+ days
  • 1
  • Speed Score
  • Reliability Score
  • Support Score
  • Value Score
DO NOT USE BELONG. My husband is a penny-pincher, so we went with these guys. It has been NOTHING but stress and dead ends. We both would pay more just to be able to get decent support when needed.

Internet has currently been out for 41 hours. Was told that the wait time for support on the phone was under 5 minutes. Ive currently been on hold for 1 hour 10 mins, and still am on hold as im writing this.

Was asked on twitter to send a DM with account details. I did, and I received no response until I tweeted at them again. The response was all fluff and no content. I responded to their message and still havent received a satisfactory response, despite multiple tweets, dms, and calls to support.

The first few times we called support they had actually TURNED THEIR PHONE OFF, and there was no one available for online chat! As soon as there is a problem with their service they cut off every means of communication and hide.

Reliability and speed are an absolute joke. The internet cuts out for no reason whenever it likes, and often cuts out 5-20 times in 10 mins.

We are immediately changing our isp. We dont have any ETA for a fix, and they refuse to offer any sort of decent support. Ive never been more angry in my life.

These assholes run their business like cowards.
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