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I am writing this regarding issue of the delivering the modem since more than 3 weeks to narrating same story of me to your 100 of staffs has always been frustrating and terrible experience. I requested for service on 3rd of February around afternoon time. The lady (staff) on the phone told me she had requested for a new modem as the old modem won't be working for the new house. She assured me that I should be receiving it in 3 to 5 business day has turned into a nightmare as it never got delivered to me. Then, I made a 100 plus follow up calls in between 3rd of February till dates. Everytime I was told by your 100s of staff that the order wasn't made for the modem on 3rd of February when I did call for the moving request. When I did follow up call everyone always told that they had put for the high priority for the modem. But, I have never till date. I got a tracking details message on several time but wasn't delivered because of your staff whoever put the order gave them a wrong address and delivered on wrong Address. Because of your irresponsible belong team I am suffering , it's frustrating and horrible experience I am facing it. This are some of the list of your irresponsible, misleading and giving false information staff are that I can remember:
On date 25/02/2020
Employee Name: Sylbester
Employee ID: D871621
He has no manner and doesn't have much information as well as narrating the same thing and escalating the problem rather than solving. He also does not know how to handle the customer and their complaints. He didn't connect me to supervisor when I made a request he just put me on hold.
Other staff
A week ago
Employee Name: Lala
Employee ID: D75308
She was one of the supervisor who double assured me that she had requested for the modem and deliver within 3 to 5 business day as well as she kept in a high priority. There is no doubt this time. I should be receiving them. But, I have not received till date.

Employee Name: Victoria
Employee ID: D931179
She also assured me the same thing.

Employee Name: Charlene
Employee ID: D941915
She also assured me the same thing. She was rude, wasn't nice and polite to the costumer.

To conclude, this is just some I can remember out of many I dealt with. Hopefully, after receiving this complaint there is going some change and will take a require action by Belong team to give a justice to me which I never had from more than a 3 weeks.
Thank You!

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