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I have had a 100/40 plan with iiNet for the last 6 months and before that had NakedDSL for 5 years at two locations. Always been reliable, only ever had one fault that VisionStream came out and fixed quickly and the two relocation I had were quick and easy, no extra charges or anything. Currently my NBN service has been solid with no downtime over the six months I have been using it solid with unlimited data. I don't get speed capped even if I download multiple terabytes of Steam games.

Money wise they're fairly middle of the range for what you get. 100 down and 40 up is about $100 but I am on an older grandfathered plan so I don't think I will be upgrading to the new $120 plans especially since I do not use VOIP. I normally pull the maximum speed I need from the tier I am on and don't experience any congestion some people get but that may be more based on the area I live in and the neighbours usage/time of day.

Customer service is average, it used to be a lot better before TPG bought it. If I need to call about an invoice extension I normally wait on hold for about 30 minutes, if I need to call Domains about something technically specific I normally don't have to wait at all, maybe 2 minutes maximum depending on the time of day.

I do not have an iiNet modem, I use a Netgear D7000 but I used to have a BoB2 and while it worked it wasn't great. I would steer clear of any modems they try to sell you and purchase something yourself from somewhere like JBHiFi and get a Netgear or Linksys.

Their business plans are normally quite good, I use them to host 4 domains, and manage my DNS. I have also used cloud products and their older VPS services before but they are since discontinued. Their technical support staff in the Business and Hosting areas definitely know their stuff better than the residential area.

Overall, the only issues I have with iiNet are the slow times to get through to someone and the overall residential technical expertise. If it something out of the ordinary they will not be able to help but if it is something common they will be able to. I recommend iiNet even though they are now owned by TPG and give them 9/10.
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