• Service ADSL
  • Location Melbourne
  • Activation 10+ days
  • 1
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My internet isn't working. I called on 16th Feb (call number 314947225) to complain, called again on 20th March to complain (call number 314597469), called on 18th April (call number 317404644), called on 20th September (no call reciept provided) called again on 5th October (call reciept 325230778). Ran multiple tests and internet was still not working. No one at iinet made a note of these tests being run, so we ran them about 3 times in total before a technician was sent out on September 20th. The technician found a fault with the line and supposedly fixed it After the fault was supposedly fixed, I asked the technician to watch as I hit refresh on my internet in multiple browsers - it was still not working - iinet made a note of this and told me they would send out another Telstra technician and would call me back to arrange this. I waited 3 weeks and heard nothing back, so called today and was told the fault was 'resolved' and there were no notes that anyone would be sent out. I work from home and haven't had working internet since Feb, and haven't been reimbursed or provided any solution whatsoever. I have made a complaint to the ombudsman, but am furious at the way this has been repeatedly dismissed.
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