• Service ADSL
  • Location Melbourne
  • Activation 10+ days
  • 1.5
  • Speed Score
  • Reliability Score
  • Support Score
  • Value Score
If there was a zero star rating I would have selected that; which is a shame as I use to be a huge advocate. Ongoing drop outs over a very long period and awful support (support use to be great). I asked for help many times and with either no response or adequate support I said I would escalate to the ombudsman if I didn't receive a response by a certain date and time. Amazingly, this didn't even get a response!!!

However, having lodged with the ombudsman I did get a response, and I thought great, now I'm dealing with someone who wants to sort this out. How wrong I was. To be fair, I was super frustrated and over the whole thing so I'm sure that clouds my opinion, but even taking that into consideration it seemed the guy I was dealing with wanted to blame me and was borderline passive aggressive - of course just my opinion. But extraordinary when this is someone who's meant to be sorting out something that's gone to the Ombudsman.

On two occasions only - amongst many interactions - I got amazing people to deal with and one girl in particular was a standout. Knowledgeable, proactive and empathetic. But you never get to deal with the same person twice. Eventually this was found to be either an iinet or a Telstra issue but who would know as a) the guy put in charge to deal with this has not explained what has happened and b) they made some poor guy ring me up to ask me if I'm still having drop out's who was way out of his depth technically and given the lengthy ongoing situation and my frustration (I felt so sorry for him - they should never have given him this job). So its a lot better, not perfect but I'm non the wiser what occurred and am so very very very disappointed that a company that I once raved about and recommended that people use is systematically awful across the board. Really awful!!!!
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