• Service ADSL2
  • Location Brisbane
  • Activation 10+ days
  • 1
  • Speed Score
  • Reliability Score
  • Support Score
  • Value Score
We arrived in Brisbane a month ago and just wanted others who are arriving to know that we had an absolutely terrible experience with trying to get connected to broadband with Telstra, we opted for them as they are the biggest company, and I needed connecting to broadband quickly for work.

However, they have consistently lied about when we would be connected; receive our router and when our Foxtel would be connected. Every single person we have spoken to has pretty much contradicted everyone else we spoke to and we were no where being connected after almost 4 weeks when we were told we would be connected within 48 hrs! The pathetic excuses and damn right lies and contradictions were incredible, which like them I told them I had recorded as proof.

They made my awful experience with BT look good! We have cancelled and cant even get that right! My initial thought was gross incompetence, however I believed they lied about cancelling us, as we have just received an email saying we have just joined a new entertainment package when in fact we have just cancelled one!

I think it is a vain attempt to keep us on or charge us! We shared this with colleagues at work and it seems Telstra are renowned for this! They said it would likely be the worst experience we would have with a company in Australia!!

We tried Optus and we were told our line is RDSL which apparently means that Telstra owns the line and that they have to pay Telstra to use the line! and this meant it would cost us an extra $40 a month on top of their standard product! So we searched the net and came across Nextalk, they only use an Oz based call centre which after our experiences with Telstra was most welcome! I have to say from the minute we spoke to them it was night and day with the service we got from Telstra, they answered all our questions before we asked them as if they knew what we would ask!

I was skeptical about the promises they made, however they delivered everyone of them! It was truly amazing, they told us when we got connected, within 3 days! and we did it in 2! they gave us an approximation of when the modem would arrive (3-5 days from order) and it did arrive on day 3, and with tracking notification via text.

We bought their modem to avoid any potential aggro which was similar priced to shop bought ones but with theirs they can dial in to if you have any probs. It was plug and play and indeed it was, when it worked I kissed the modem today!!

Nextalk don't do Foxtel but I've noticed most of the programmes we like Blindspot, Hawaii 5'0 and madam secretary (Sky programmes) are available for free on the main channels, we've seen an advert for a Fetch box which adds extra channels so will look into that.

Also for some reason, Nextalk don't need to pay the premium Optus has to! So as we are now connected to the internet I just wanted folks to know about our experiences!!
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