• Service ADSL2+
  • Location Brisbane
  • Activation 10+ days
  • 1
  • Speed Score
  • Reliability Score
  • Support Score
  • Value Score
In the past I have had great experiences with Telstra. Turns out that was the exception to the rule. I have never suffered through more stupidity and lack of cohesion leading nowhere.

I was trying to connect broadband. I applied on Dec 21st. They said it would arrive on the 29th.

It didn't arrive.

It didn't arrive on the 30th either. So I used 24/7 chat. They asked if they could call me. I said yes.

They told me there were no ports in my area and that a modem wouldn't be being delivered to me. I asked for documentarion of this and never received it. So I called again and I got told I would be getting a modem.
2 days later I called again as no modem had arrived and they told me there were no ports so I wouldn't be getting internet. I asked for documentation and was given a reference number instead.

So I contacted the Ombudsman.

That leads us to today. They called me and I spoke to a lovely gentleman who told me it wasn't just ADSL2+ that I could not connect to but any internet at all. I asked for proof and he sent me an email. It went really well and he was lovely.

Unfortunately, I forgot to ask if there was a waitlist for internet access so I contacted 24/7 chat.
They said I could get a commercial port and asked if they could call me. He called and I then spent 25 minutes on hold. Someone picked up and the phone immediately cut out. I got a call back a minute later and got asked why I was calling Telstra. You know, after they called me.

After I explained everything I got told I could request an additional port, would I like to sort this out with the Broadband tech team? I said yes and got put on hold for 37 minutes.

When I finally spoke to someone they said ordering a port was impossible.
I asked to speak to their manager and got put on hold and then asked for my account info. I provided it and they said my case manager had gone home and I would have to wait until tomorrow. I informed the lady that I wished to speak to her manager not my case manager. She said okay and then the linecut out again.

The manager called me back and asked if I wanted to sign up for broadband. I said no and explained the issue. She said that requesting a port and the commercial option was not available. I said that was interesting as I had the 24/7 transcript that offered it. She said they couldn't and I could spend $27 to get a home phone and go on the waitlist. I asked her to clarify that they couldn't give me the service they said they could and she informed me again that the waitlist was my only option. She then told me they could not confirm any time range for internet being provided and in the meantime I would have to pay 27$/month for a home phone I would not use if I even wanted to be on the waitlist.

I asked if I had basically spent almost 2 hours on hold to get told 3 conflicting measages and get nowhere and she said yes.

At that point I hung up because that lady did not derserve me screaming down the phone at her. I have bever beenmore disgusted with a servicein my life.
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