• Service Cable
  • Location Brisbane
  • Activation 10+ days
  • 1
  • Speed Score
  • Reliability Score
  • Support Score
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I've been dealing with Telstra for many years. When I say many years, I'm talking 10+. Not once have I ended one of those years happy with my service.

I've had unending technical difficulties with these guys, they are hands-down the most consistently incompetent company I have ever dealt with in my life from their technicians to their exchange operators to their support staff. It's actually quite impressive that they've maintained such a monopoly on this industry for so long given how little effort they put in to match the "quality" service they've been promising for over a decade.

If you have any other option in the world besides Telstra, particularly if you need the internet to run your business, then stay away from them. Unfortunately I don't have a choice as I live in a location where literally my only option is to deal with these clowns. I cannot wait until decentralization hits the ISP industry and finally renders them redundant.

Maybe you'll have better luck than me with your experiences with Telstra, but if not, then may God help your soul. You have been warned. Good luck!
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