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Worst experience ever .
After 4 &a half months and spending more than 15 hours and talking to countless consultants , complaint managers and finally nbnco I have had enough with Telstra .
1st they installed my NBN box in my next door neighbours home and then they couldn't find my address on nbnco but I found it and other telcos found it in under a minute.
So today after 4 and a half months I cancelled my Telstra order and went to another Telco and this afternoon I received an email to tell me a technician will install my NBN box in 2 weeks .
I wouldn't recommend Telstra . Service crap , consultants crap , left on hold on twice for over an hour in the I hung up I spent over 15 hours explaining over a hundred time my address details and not one of them under stood . I was glad to talk to a Aussie in Australia where I only had to explain once my address details for connection to NBN .
Telstra you are a joke I will try ever other Telco before I give Telstra another chance to connect NBN in my home .
I now know why so many people are leaving Telstra and going to other Telco's in Australia .
Loyal customer for over 30 years gone . I would recommend anyone to connect NBN with Telstra again .
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