• Service NBN Tier 5
  • Location Bendigo
  • Activation 10+ days
  • 2.75
  • Speed Score
  • Reliability Score
  • Support Score
  • Value Score
Since before 2015 my broadband connection (initially ADSL) was plagued by frequent disconnections and slow speeds.
After many calls to tech support Telstra sent out a technician who found no faults at our premises. In the following 12 months we had visits from several more Telstra techs as well as an independent tech, all with no change.
We did pathping tests and found that we consistently got ‘package loss’ on the third hop, showing the problem was after the signal had left our premises. This was reported to Telstra on several occasions but they weren’t interested. I thought this strange since it was a vital puzzle piece in locating the source of the problems. It became apparent that Telstra already were fully aware that the problem was somewhere along the cable to the exchange, but decided not to fix it. Seeing that NBNCo was to take over the lines in the coming year(s) perhaps it was a cost saving decision.

In Nov 2018 NBN was connected, but the lagging and dropouts continued as before. And now when the NBN dropped out the phone also dropped so I was also losing calls, which meant lost business.
More calls to support, all to no avail since we all knew where the problem really was.

In Jan 2019 an NBNCo tech came over and found problems at the node, and by fixing these he finally sorted out the problems which had been going on for years!

In Feb 2019 I discovered I had no phone! Calls to the business resulted in a message saying “The number you have called is not connected”. Called Complaints who after several hours got the phone connected again. Got back to the business and found a note from a customer saying:
“I have tried to phone and make an appointment but the number is not connected…”

Now I was definitely losing business. Anyone calling my number would presume that I had ceased business. An existing customer might try to contact me again, but any new customers would hang up and call someone else. I also discovered that only the phone account had been reconnected but not the phone number. The number displayed when making a call was not my business number, but rather the Telstra NBN account number. This is not known to any of my customers and not advertised anywhere. I asked them to fix this immediately as well as my Telstra DOT login details. I hadn’t been able to log in since they disconnected my service the day before, and as I write this I still can’t. I have now arranged to move to a different provider. Never again Telstra. Never!
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