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If you are considering going with Telstra, do yourself a big favour and dont. I have put 3 complaints in this week and guess what the outcome has been? Nothing!

We put in an order for Telstra ADSL (due to no NBN in Vaucluse) mid October as we were moving the first week of Dec and I work from home so need internet. They sent out the modem which had a sim card in it so we could get up and running whilst waiting for the hardwire connection. We were told we had to go and prove our new address by going to a Telstra store for it to be connected which we did, after waiting in line for an hour. We were told it would be a week from that time from the staff at Bondi. That never happened and we didnt have great speeds with the 4g card, we queried and were told the order had been lost the first time, should be done within the week, the second time we were told there was a problem with the order due to the address and they were fixing it and it should be done within the week. Last Friday night (the 13th of DEC) we had a total dropout, called the next morning to find they had CANCELLED our order - no email, no call, no warnings nothing. Spoke with numerous people who were no help over the weekend and then spoke to someone on the Monday who said 24 - 48 hours as a whole new order had to be put through. Fast forward a week we have been told almost daily the same thing, then when we ask to turn on the 4g we get told its on, then transferred to tech support who can never help, why? Well, to add to the list of the excuses of didnt receive paperwork to the order was lost and that it was due to our address, last night we were told there was a 4g outage in our area - when we queried why both our phones had full 4g there were a bunch of "ohh's and ahhh's and ummm's" why? Because she was LYING - it turns out its barred, no one can turn off this bar for some reason, we just have to live with no internet. Meanwhile our data on our phones are going through the roof, we have spent a good probably 8-10 hours on the phone to Telstra, we are no better off as we work from home and have our whole lives connected wirelessly. We have no printer, we have no way of working properly as you cant hotspot and be on your phone at the same time, we have no TV as everything is connected to the internet. Its actually deplorable and through no fault of our own we are getting the run around every single day. This was honestly the worst decision for us to go with Telstra - I wish I had of gone with iinet who I have been with before but we didnt only because our mobiles are with them. Save yourself the pain and the time and go with anyone else.
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