• Service ADSL2+
  • Location Others
  • Activation 7 days
  • 1
  • Speed Score
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Crooks, scammers, liars, and thieves. their product quality sucks. I raised tech support and asked for cancellation within first 30 days. They wasted hours of my life trying to troubleshoot over the phone. Took weeks to convince them to send someone out, only to say there is nothing wrong. Tried to cancel, but their cancellation dept is only available via email. Sent cancellation request and was told I would have to pay $350 break fee. Tried to fight it, but they would not put me through to the elusive "cancellation department". They would email, send texts to tell me to call, then they were not available. I was finally able to escalate to a "manager" at the call center who told me they would handle my case and make a recommendation in 1 week. 1 week passed, no call. So I called. Couldn't get through. A week later I finally get through to someone who says that the "manager" was in the hospital and would be back next week. If I wanted it reassigned to another person, that person would need a week to get acquainted with my file. They gave me the run around like this for over a month. Finally I raised a complaint to the Telecom Industry Ombudsman. Their TIO complaints officer called me to talk through my issue. He tried to get me to start all over again with troubleshooting. I politely (!) declined. He said that if I refused then the TIO would dismiss my case. When I called his bluff, he said they would be willing to let me out of my contract for $99. Again, I politely declined and told them next step would be ACCC. He siad the TIO and ACCC had no jurisdiction and it was solely up to him what the outcome would be. I said "fine, we'll see". He called me back 2 days later and said that in the spirit of goodwill, he would be willing to let me cancel without fees. I have since switched to Telstra, and my speeds are 2-3x what they were on TPG and more consistent, no dropouts.

Oh, last thing, I am pretty sure that all the people that I spoke with at TPG were actually the same 2 people (male and female) pretending to be other people.
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