• Service ADSL2+
  • Location Others
  • Activation 10+ days
  • 1
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1 - I have used TPG for years now, and when changing addresses I chose to wait for NBN to be available in 10th January as I was told. It was not available then and I had some time left in my previous contract so I decided to switch to ADSL+. I kept calling TPG to assure the process was still happening until the day it was meant to be connected it was not because they changes the day to June and I was NOT informed.

2 - When connecting to ADSL+ I called on the 20/01/2020 to confirm whether my current WIFI router is compatible to ADSL+ , the first constumer representative said NO. And asked if I wanted to order one I said NO. Second representative I spoke to on the same day asking if I can connect ADSL+ with a corxial cable and she said YES. Which is not correct. I spoke for the third time to a techinical support consultant and he informed me that the information given me previous were ALL FALSE. TPG has given me false and misleading information and wanted me to buy a new modem that was not necessary at all.

3 - The day of the suppposed installation 21/01/2020. I called at 5:30PM to confirm as I didnt receive ANYTHING via text or email. Techinical support says there is NO CONNECTION AT ALL.

I wasted money buying a phone cord and an adapter and in the 2 months without internet I had to use my own 4G service from another provider causing me a $167 bill.

Their costumer service is appalling. Stay away!!
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