Connection Type Mobile Broadband
Modem Type Home Gateway
Speed Limit

100 MBPS

Data Limit


Minimum total cost $268 for first month .
  • No usage restrictions of peak/nonpeak
  • Go Month-by-month
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Both upload and downloads count
  • After 40 GB: Get 1GB for $20 or 2GB for $30
  • If you don't top up, speed drops to 64kbps
  • Home Gateway cost of $199

Plan Description

On entering into a 24-month contract on the same pla, the cost of the home gateway is $0, with total minimum cost being $1416. Under the plan, either month-to-month or 24-month, the cost of data is $0.0015 per MB. If you run out of data and purchase 1GB at $20, the cost is $0.020 per MB.

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