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At our current address we are extremely limited in terms of internet access. We cannot access cable or ADSL (from any provider) therefore our only option was 4G mobile broadband. The only service provider offering an unlimited mobile broadband service was vividwireless so we connected with them. We opted to buy the modem outright from Harvey Norman and get a month to month plan so we can leave when NBN rolls out. Speed is sufficient to stream Netflix most of the time, but we experience drop-outs during peak periods (most evenings after 6pm and more so on weekends). We've had no assistance with these outages from customer service and no credits applied to our account. We pay $80 per month for the service and because of a lack of alternatives we are at the mercy of our ISP. Having said that, we are at least grateful for the option of an unlimited plan, hence we have been vividwireless customers for over 12 months with no plans to change providers until NBN rolls out (fingers crossed!)
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