• Service NBN Tier 1
  • Location Perth
  • Activation 10+ days
  • 1.75
  • Speed Score
  • Reliability Score
  • Support Score
  • Value Score
Enough, I have totally had enough with iinet. I’ve been overcharged, my complaints ignored, terrible internet speeds, appalling service, I am so angry I can hardly type this! And now a bill for $370. The list is so long I have to put this in bullet points:

• Signed up for NBN 21st May 2017 and given numerous installation dates
• I agreed to a two year contract for $59.99 per month and committed to a two year contract which included a free modem
• A Netphone was not requested nor required (like many other people we only use our mobiles) however, this has somehow been included
• Around June our internet started slowing down and became so slow and intermittent that I was going up the shopping centre to get better speeds. I sent messages and spoke to iinet support numerous times, they did tests and said nothing was wrong. Because the internet was so intermittent and speeds were so slow my husband’s phone kept switching to Optus which resulted in huge bill because he is only on a 500mb a month plan
• By October NBN had not been installed and we were going away on a 6 weeks trip to the UK, so I contacted iinet (via phone and email ref. 302824917) and asked them to reschedule the NBN installation until we returned early December as we wouldn’t be there to let them in. While we were in the UK I received 13 emails including ones that specifically required me to be home for a delivery between 3rd and 8th November. Once again I wrote to Craig Levy (Ref. 310451612) explaining again that we were fourteen and a half thousand miles away and would not be back until early December. Then on 3rd November Saadiqah Ebrahim became involved and asked me for the NBN account number. Are you serious! Despite being well organised I do not travel on a holiday of a lifetime with our NBN account number, however I did supply a Ref: 302824917, which was not good enough so I never did find out what he wanted.
• Eventually after more emails including one that said “This is just a quick note to confirm that as part of your relocation order, we’ve disconnected your iiNet services at your old address, I haven’t moved. Then followd calls on 1st Dec, 2nd Dec, 3rd Dec, 7th Dec, 15th Dec, 19th Dec. NBN was eventually installed on 18th December, which left us with a connection but without a modem. More calls and emails followed and eventually we received the modem on 28th December. However I still had to buy a Wi-Fi extender for my PC for $30.
• So in conclusion there has been approximately 30 plus emails and around 15 plus phone calls including the ones from the UK (I haven’t kept them all) Hours of wasted time because of internet down time. Extra charges for phone data and peripheries and just total wretchedness all because your departments can’t communicate with one another.
• And still the internet does not work correctly and keeps dropping out and the iinet speed test is only 8.722 Mbps not 12Mbps as advertised, worst of all you have sent me a bill for $370.63.
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