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I switched from SkyMesh to Mate Communicate to get a better deal on unlimited NBN. The price was good and the package offered was competitive. I liked that they had an Australian customer service team and promised fantastic overall service. The reviews I read were positive. In the first month I was relatively happy and had no complaints.

Oh how I wish I stayed with SkyMesh.

Just recently my Internet went down. It went down on a Thursday night. I complained on Friday night, after not being contacted by MATE to notify me they were working on it - being proactive would have been a good start. I was unable to reach a customer service person and had to wait over an hour for a call back. After initial trouble shooting over the phone, they were not able to rectify the issue. They said it was a NBN fault and that NBN had to look into it. I was promised 2-3 business days. Either way, I was told I'd get an update on Monday. I waited until Monday evening - still no Internet, still no update. I called them. For the second time, I couldn't get anyone on the phone and had to wait over an hour for a call back - Australian customer service sounds good in theory, not so much when you realise they've got no staff. It was complicated I was told, no further news to report, NBN still looking into it. I was promised an update within 24 hours.

On Tuesday I did receive an "update" in the form of a short automated, impersonal email which basically said "we're still waiting on a response from NBN, standard response is 3-5 business days" - which contradicts what I was verbally told earlier, i.e. 2-3 days. Now I've been lied to. Not happy. I give them a grace period of Anzac Day and all day Thursday. No contact, no updates. I call them Thursday night. Finally I get through on the first call. Incredible. Customer service guy is a joke. Provided no new information. Couldn't explain the delay. Couldn't give me a time-frame to be reconnected. Basically just told me to wait. I did, however, get an email from someone there telling me that they will look into compensation the second my issue is resolved.

I'm a consultant who works from home. Time is money. At this point I've lost over $500 in billable hours. None of which MATE seems to care about. Don't even get me started on the additional $ I've spent on mobile data. I give them until Monday. No Internet. No updates. I call them again during my lunch break at work. Again, no new information. Delay can't be explain. Nobody knows what's going on, it's like I'm talking to a bunch of clueless monkeys at this point. I'm promised an important update "by the close of business or first thing Tuesday morning". Wow, I'm getting close... or so I thought. Stay with me, it gets worse.

I'm now up to about $750 in lots billable hours. Guess what? No update or contact at all on Tuesday. I grudgingly contact them late Tuesday afternoon (today) - 12 days with no Internet. I get through to a customer service guy who is finally somewhat helpful "we have no idea what is going on, we have never exper
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