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I have been a customer for 10+ years and have been paying for so called fastest cable speed. I find that after doing a speed check ( 6 mb/s at the very best, but forget about peak times) that I am not even getting anywhere near the 30 mb/s speed they are advertising for the basic plan. When I attempt to contact them to complain, I am continually directed to their website and to find a phone number is like looking for a needle in a haystack. When I do call the number, I then get told there is a que of 45 minutes and then they try to get me back on to their website as all problems can be fixed by resetting the modem according to them.
When finally I get to speak to someone in a foreign country , they go through the apologetic routine , and advise they will report my problem ( in this case it was apparently an outage) , but offer no solution or compensation for the sub standard service I have been paying premium dollars for.
Rather than paying the big bucks to Bolt advertising super fast speeds, they should revert back to an animal, maybe a snail!
I will be making a complaint to the Telecommunications Ombusmen regarding being charged for a service I was not supplied and suggest others do the same .
Extremely dissatisfied customer!
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