• Service ADSL2+
  • Location Brisbane
  • Activation 10+ days
  • 8.75
  • Speed Score
  • Reliability Score
  • Support Score
  • Value Score
I have been a TPG ADSL2+ user for roughly 3 years now. You get for what you paid for and TPG has not let me down since. TPG is also my first ever broadband that I have connected with, I am really thankful to have chosen TPG ADSL2+ and will definitely not look back or consider other broadband.

The slight downside is that sometimes if you overuse your internet due to excessive a lot of connected devices it could slow the net down a bit, however that is like all other broadband and it is not uncommon.

For about $59 a month on unlimited usage per month, it is really great value and you get much more than you paid for. There's other broadbands that charges you twice as much also have a limit to how much data you use per month, unlike TPG.

Customer Service is also at a high standards. I have recently moved homes and was in a rush and internet was an important household due to study commitment and work that requires internet. In no time TPG got it all sorted out and our internet was working within under a month.

To summarise, if you are looking for something worthwhile and get for what you are paid for, then TPG ADSL2+ is for you.
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