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I'm absolutely disappointed with Telstra services and I hope no more people will not get fulled as I did. In August I requested my NBN service to be moved to a new address. It is now December and NBN service was never connected. I was waiting for weeks at first, no internet, the modem is working on backup mode. So I started calling them. This calling ritual became my weekly nightmare. I had to call them 4 times each month. They would tell me I have to wait, that NBN team cancelled my order and they started a new one, then I had to wait again only to have all that happen to me over and over. Meanwhile, every time I was on the phone wasting hours of my months, they'd tell me that all this money I've been paying since August will be refunded. Quoting 'you shouldn't be paying for the service you don't have' Eventually I got fed up and switched to TPG, who successfully connected NBN to my home in 2 DAYS. What was Telstra doing all this time? Clearly wasting mine. Today on the 9th of December I finally got a call from the complaints team who told me I'll only be refunded $90, because they can't refund any more since the service is now cancelled. This was the most frustrating and disrespectful experience. I wasted hours of my time, they cause me so much stress and never refunded the remaining $260
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