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On an NBN plan $70 per month, slowest speed ever. There are other plans out there with different companies that promise 5 x the basic speed. I called up and they said it is within range at 9 mbps when the maximum on contract states 25 mbps something around that range.

Set up process was fast except they lost the modem in the post but sent another one and i was up and running within a week.

I had issues streaming and gets worse during certain times. I ended up having to go to uni or work on weekend to have smokth running internet and occassionally just use my phone to watch or stream things on 4g.

It is billed on the 1st of the month, hence you pay the entire month ahead. I called to disconnect on the 28th at 12pm and as its easter they have no one to disconnect so they did it on the day. Which means by principal they should pay me back 2.5 days pro rata but al i got from the customer service stafff was "its 2 days so?" so i said if i pay for another month but use it for 5 days do i get a credit, and it replied "no". Rude customer service, and complained further via facebook and they were deflecting and not addressing my complaint.

When you rent a property and move out on a sunday, the realestate does not say to you "oh no one is working on sunday so you need to move out on friday and we will still charge you for the month", customer service department are arrogant and difficult to deal with.

I am really upset at this company and got locked into a contract with them also did not have a good experience with their rude phone department or the people whom responds to they facebook messages. I have lodged a complaint with the TIO.
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