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  • Activation 1 days
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we were with optus for just on 12 months once nbn was connected we decided to move to TPG as it was cheaper the problems started when we called to disconnect firstly because the account was in my husbands name and even though for the 6th time my husband authorized for me to speak they still didnt get it anyway they after 2 hrs they said no problems everything will be arranged,not so I received another bill with extra charges another 2 hrs wasted speaking to these useless call centres they just do not understand and their English is so poor I couldnt understand them eventually they sai they would fix it. I decided to check my bank statement and noticed money was being taken out every fortnight again hours trying to get some sense they after arguing they tell me it was for another address but wouldnt admit fault they asked had we lived there or own it and me saying have no idea and again response are you sure can you believe it instead of accepting the blame then the woman said i will put you through to cancellations isaid how can you do that when i didnt open the account i lost the plot by then so she asked me my bank details and said the $800 would be reimbursed 5 working days. well that didnt happen so I went on chat more than hour and a half going through the same crap this guy was so useless after an hour he said he couldnt talk to me because I am not the account holder I told him to read his notes and threatened him with the bank ombudsman as they were illegally taking money out of our account again more bs still no money my husband called they even gave him a ref number and a cheque arrived in a week even though they took my bank details, this is the people who work Optus and by the way I rang the bank straight away to put a stop,if Optus was the cheapest internet provider I still would never use them.
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